Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jenni's Outsourced Health Insurance Experience.

So I call our new Australian health insurance provider's customer service line to request they send our membership card to our US address. The conversation went something like this: (The following is a dramatization and may or may not depict the actual conversation).

Jenni: "Yes hello, I was wond - "
Outsourced representative: "Hello I am talking to you."
Jenni: "Yes, I wanted to-"
Outsourced representative: "You want to check on your insurance policy, I am capable of checking this."
Jenni: "Yes, I do nee-"
Outsourced representative: "The current policy you have is not what you need. I will change that."
Jenni: "But I--"
Outsourced representative: "Do you want to being injured with inadequate policy?"
Jenni: "Uhhhh. Okay."
Outsourced representative: "Good everything has taken care of. Your coverage will begin in 6 months. Have a nice day." Click.
Jenni: "Hello?"

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