Monday, January 14, 2008

Little Man Shorts Addendum

David has developed a theory behind the meaning of the "little man shorts." After witnessing a team of electricians at work, he noticed that the lead technician was indeed wearing a pair of short shorts. The lowest member on the team, presumably a new employee (first year), was wearing capri trousers. Capri trousers for those who don't know, extend to about mid-shin. It would appear from this system, that the longer you work with a company then the shorter the trousers are. Starting as an apprentice or intern, you are forced to wear full-length trousers. When you are a team lead, then you are probably allowed to wear short shorts. From this order, it can only be concluded, that the CEO of companies are wearing bikinis. Although, there is no empirical evidence to support this at this time.


Keith said...

finally into your blogoshpere. sorry it took so long. we are now officially tuned in. found a house in parker. have been spending lots of time taking Barbara to dr. appts. ami continues to work billions of hours, mason gets smarter everyday, the big fella, well... more later. love to you all

Ami said...

test from ami

Ami said...

Greetings..finally sat down and read everything...what
a thing this blog business. My present employer has
a DOS based system..."starmail" our internal email
has not afforded me the ability to view attachments of any kind. I'm not even sure where what I have been getting is even coming from...have you ever seen
that movie from the 80s w Matthew Broderick..War Games.."Are you ready to play?" gay. At any rate, I decided to buy a lab top..I am Jacks screaming perforated bladder. My email is feel free to use work one as well..I can even print things there if it isn't more that one megabyte. Good documentation so far.