Sunday, January 18, 2009


Still working on the blog entries of the trip, but we took a little break to see some of the statistics of the blog. We started tracking who was visiting in about March, and since then we've had 700 unique visits, and 1,500 total visits, from 49 countries. Perhaps the most telling is the search keywords that people have used and that our blog has returned in the search list. Doesn't mean that anybody has actually looked at the blog though. Here are some of our favorites in no particular order:

1. Australian crabs
2. 20% humidity what is good for humans
3. david lamb boxer
4. dr martin shoes singapore
5. how do you know when something is humid?
6. keeping frogs out of toilet
7. light a match on an unshaved man
8. picture of a man in little shorts
9. pretty girls in man-shorts
10. why do humans love bananas

Those were actual things people have searched for...

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