Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Visitor

We've gotten our first visitor to Darwin - Jenni's dad Hiram. It's good to have an excuse to go do touristy things with him. Today we went and walked around the Darwin CBD and then to the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery. No visit to the gallery is complete without a stop at Sweetheart the 5.1 meter 700 kilo (almost 1 tonne) salty, and the Cyclone Tracy Exhibit.

They also have a neat maritime exhibit. Filled with a high with boats (ships?) from throughout Indonesia that have been confiscated because illegal fishing.

Here on the left side of the photo we encounter the migratory species extrarius salutor - more commonly called the "tourist." Distinctive plumage around the legs are typically khaki coloured with numerous pockets footwear include the labels Merrel or Nike, and plumage around the head typically is a large brimmed hat, sometimes made of a tough leatherous material called leather and rimmed with teeth from a crocodile made of plastic.

This is contrasted with the permanent resident - locus northern tractus or commonly known as "Territorian." Plumage around the chest is usually a white singlet, sometimes bare breasted, with short shorts, and typically carrying a stubby holder with a can of XXXX Gold Beer in it. The locus northern tractus has a carefree jovial personality and is usually harmless.

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