Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Incredible Expanding Jenni

Here is a month-by-month photo record of my (yes, this is Jenni blogging, not David) growing belly (along with the rest of me). I'm not sure how much longer I can squeeze into my old workout clothes, but I figure it's the best way to compare and will be increasingly comedic in the months to come.

6 weeks

10 weeks

15 weeks

20 weeks

I'm 20 weeks now and the most exciting part is feeling the baby move. It's really bizarre to be poked and prodded from the inside. For those of you who haven't been pregnant, you know that feeling when you fall off the playground swing or are tackled by a 250 pound linebacker and the impact makes you lose your breath? Well, it's sort of like that, except milder and very pleasant. Unless you're into that kind of thing. A good kick still makes me catch my breath. The baby moves most at midday, evening and middle of the night.


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J. Torrez said...

I hate to say it, but it just looks like you are slouching badly at 20 weeks. Hee hee. Sorry... ;-) Love you!