Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grandma Mary's Visit

Here are a few updated photos of Cyrus after his first month in the "real" world.

He's usually completely incoherent till his first cup of coffee in the morning.

Gaining some control over those facial muscles.

Mom and G'ma
Swimming in his jammiesPost bath time.

Basil has had a hard time adjusting to no longer being our surrogate child

We've also been preparing ourselves in order to get Cyrus his U.S. citizenship. The process, like many bureaucratic dealings, would be comical if we were on the outside. Some of the fun steps include creating a list with exact dates of all the times we were not continuously residing in the States. That would mean remembering the exact dates of a jaunt to Mexico or the like. We also have to prove that we lived in the U.S. (tax documents, rental leases, etc.). Our personal favorite is that it is mandatory to demonstrate that we are in fact married, and show a wedding certificate. We really regret now having ordered our marriage certificate from that website we found. The crayon will be a dead giveaway. Now, no matter how you might feel about having children out of wedlock, it seems cruel to exclude illegitimate children from having any kind of citizenship.

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