Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day at the Races

Tony: Hey, boss! C'mere! Sun-Up is the worst horse on the track!
Dr. Hackenbush: I notice he wins all the time.
Tony: Aw, just because he comes in first.
Dr. Hackenbush: Well, I don't want 'em any better than first.

Yep, on Saturday (19-7-08) we got our Marx Brothers on and went the Darwin Race course in Fannie Bay with Chris, Fiona, and Clare. It was amazing how similar it was to scenes of horse race tracks in some of those British movies. Women wore their frocks and hats.

Men dressed up too, but then again, it's still Darwin.

We ended up betting (punting) on 4 races, where each person picked their horse and we bet the pool on that one. David's initial strategy was to point at the racing form and see if Clare approved or disapproved, but she would simply respond by saying "Anana?" So this didn't work, as there was no horses by the name of Banana. Instead, Jenni and David adopted the strategy of betting on the favorites to win...and low and behold they one. So if you exclude the entrance fee, and drinks, we came out on top! Not bad.

[examining Stuffy with an auriscope]
Dr. Hackenbush: I haven't seen anything like this in years. The last time I saw a head like that was in a bottle of formaldehyde.
Tony: Told you he was sick.
Dr. Hackenbush: [pointing to Stuffy's neck] That's all pure desecration along there. He's got about a 15% metabolism, with an overactive thyroid and a glandular affectation of about 3%.
Tony: That's bad.
Dr. Hackenbush: With a 1% mentality.
Dr. Hackenbush: He's what we designate as the crummy moronic type. All in all, this is the most gruesome looking piece of blubber I've ever peered at.
Tony: Hey doc. Hey doc!
Dr. Hackenbush: Huh?
Tony: You gotta the looking glass turned around, you're looking at yourself.

Mostly we just went so that we could put Marx Bros quotes on our blog.

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