Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Terror Tree

David's Personal Narrative:

Did you know Territory is actually pronounced Terror-Tree? I now know why this is the case. It is because trees live in fear of being ignited into flames on Territory Day. Territory Day is the Northern Territory's anniversary of self-governance. "Hooray we're self-governing!!! What should we do to celebrate it?" Naturally, you "blow shit up." Pardon my language, but it is the only phrase in the English language to adequately describe Territory Day. The Fourth of July pales in comparison, but any coordinated attempt at a Fireworks display isn't comparable to chaos with a bottle of beer and a lighter. Never have I seen so many stupid people with lethal weapons, and never have I wanted to be one of them more than anything in the world. Territory Day was last night - July 1st. And for one day of the year, and only on that day, the citizens of the Northern Territory are allowed to purchase and use Fireworks (called "crackers"). Yes, the city puts on its own display, but I think most people had a larger budget. We're not talking about little fireworks that you might dash across the Wyoming border to purchase, we're talking about straight from China has to be illegal fireworks. Unfortunately, these photos do not do it justice. It is really quite spectacular.

Beach fire on the left. Someone probably using a flare gun in the distance (red light), might have actually needed help...

We walked along the bike path to get home. These are my "war correspondent" photos. It was handheld and dark out, so most are fairly blurry.


Apparently canons are allowed too.

Probably the most fun we've had since moving here.

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Anonymous said...

Every picture, every story, and every wry comment makes me wish I was there instead of here.