Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Exotic Life of Danger and Mystery"

We arrived safely in Darwin after 20 some hours on the plane. The booking for the plane was done through an agency, and whoever set it it up didn't give much time in between flights. For international you need a minimum of 2 hours. It was partially our fault because we didn't catch it when we reviewed the itinerary. It didn't help that our flight from Denver to Los Angeles was delayed. We were left with 20 minutes to catch our flight to Sydney, and miraculously we made it by running. The actual destination of our flight was to Melbourne, so we had to go through customs there, and didn't find out till then if our bags had made it. Luckily they did. Then it was off to Darwin with a four hour flight. After waiting at the taxi stand for an hour, we finally made it home. The cats were very excited to see as evident with the photo.

The next day we went to the Nightcliff market, where David's brother's theory that there is a Peruvian pan flute player in every city received more empirical evidence.

From there we headed to the Darwin Cat show. We're not sure what this guy is doing. There were a lot of beautiful cats there.

Then Jenni took over the camera, where she documented our domestic lives in Darwin. This will probably shatter your visions of us as international spies living an exoctic life of danger and mystery....then again that's probably just David's imagination.

Grocery Shopping at Woolies (Woolworths).

Our Book Exchange.


Our bakery.
Brand awareness.

And the coup de grace - we finally have a photo of the little man shorts. All attempts have been made to protect this person's identity. As have been stated, they clearly go above mid-thigh. It is possible that this person was a CEO with shorts like that.

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