Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Visa Update

Our guest reapplied for her visa through the U.S. Embassy, and requested an appointment because apparently you need to apply in person. The earliest appointment wasn't for another 2 weeks. So she sent an email requesting a rush. This was all on Friday. Yesterday (Tuesday) she received an email saying the request had been approved and her appointment was for today (Wednesday). She was in Darwin at the time, and the embassy is in Sydney. Well, the good folks at Qantas managed to get her to Sydney with a red-eye flight that is supposed to arrive at 6:15am Wed. morning, with her appointment at 10am. They also said it "could" take up to a week to process the application...Her original flight home is on Friday.

At least, the embassy is trying to help. Hopefully they can just issue a temporary visa so she can catch her flight on Friday.

The embassy has been very helpful to Deni, and hope to have the visa by tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

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