Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's that time of year again...

Not the time of year where Christmas/Holiday decorations go up before Halloween or Thanksgiving is done. Which by the way, they don't have here, so Christmas/Holiday treats are already unashamedly in the stores. Nope, it's election time. Tonight we are off to watch the election results roll in live at the Holiday Inn with the Australian American Association of the Northern Territory (AAANT). Yes that is a Kangaroo shaking the talon of an eagle.

It's amazing how much media attention there is on the elections here. An Australian news channel is even planning on bringing live coverage as the "results roll in." I don't know if their elections got this much coverage. Of course, because of the parliamentary system the emphasis is more on the party not on the prime minister. That's pretty different from the sort of cult of personality America has for its candidates. From what we heard, its changing here and the last election was focused heavily on Kevin Rudd and John Howard.

Anyway, should be fun to watch from afar. Let the political pundit wars begin!

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