Sunday, November 2, 2008

Humidity must be good for something...

The build-up is in full swing as we transition from the dry to the wet. The days are about 30 degrees Celsius with 70% humidity, and nights are about the same. Our new k-mart brand weather station hasn't changed positions since we got it...but it is a "k-mart brand weather station."

We picked up an Irwin mango from the Nightcliff market this morning. As the shopkeeper said, "You have to eat it in a bath." Because it is so juicy, not because we needed tp romance it before eating it. It was a good excuse for David to try food photography. You never know when you'll be walking down the street and someone will run up to you in a panic shouting "Do you know how to take pictures of Mangoes?!?!!??!?!?!?!?" To which you calmly reply - "Yes, yes I do."

Typically, we ride our bikes to work every day along the beach. We won't really be able to do this during the wet, although by the time we roll up to work we are drenched. There are a number of birds that reside along the bike path, and they are really used to humans so are easy to take snapshots of. Don't worry, Jenni won't let David turn this into a blog of entirely bird photographs, but here are a few.

Magpie Lark building a nest.

Galahs feeding.
Masked Lapwing. These are very protective of their nests and if you get within 20 feet of it they take off into the air and divebomb you.
Little Corella. These are noisy birds, but beautiful bright colors.
Rainbow Bee-eater. These shimmer blue in the sun.
Hopefully we got the species right...

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