Friday, September 18, 2009

Incredible Expanding Jenni Part II

The last time I posted a belly photo I was 20 weeks pregnant. Apparently I've done a lot of growing in the last 10 weeks. The little one is still moving all the time, but the movements are more constricted. Yesterday I saw what I think was an elbow moving along the side of my stomach. Our obstetrician is an ultrasound specialist (read: technology geek) and so we get to see the baby at every monthly visit. As a side note I have to say those 4-D shots of the baby can be really creepy. Apparently I am giving birth to either a Picasso painting or Skeletor.

What we have learned from the ultrasounds is that the little one hasn't changed positions, despite all the wriggling and kicking: Head is still tucked into the right side of my pelvis and hips are just above my belly button. I think that puts the legs somewhere between my heart and esophagus, but I can't be sure. Anyway, without further ado... here are the most recent belly and other expanding parts photos. It's a bit perverse, but I'm still insisting on squeezing into my pre-pregnancy workout clothes for the photo shoot.

24 weeks pregnant

29 weeks pregnant

People are now saying I look pregnant, instead of 'getting chubby,' so that's nice.

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Richard said...

'Skeletor' -- nice reference.

And it's not perverse. In fact, I was wondering if I could wear your old work-out clothes for update pics of me when Pamela is pregnant? You could watch me slowly turning green and see my hair migrate from head to...well, I'm not sure where it goes, actually. See, we need the photos!

Getting exciting! And I'm getting impatient -- let's see the kid already!