Sunday, September 20, 2009


David is currently filtering the hundreds of photographs from his trip to China in August and September, and will be posting soon.

In the meantime...

On occasion we like to check out the stats of our blog. Search terms the blog appears in are typically very entertaining given the unique combination of words that appear in our entries.

This is a new favourite: "happy ending massage for women ho chi minh city." Apparently there was potential for a large readership opportunity for our blog had we surveyed all the massage parlors in Ho Chi Minh City while we were there. For some bizarre reason this mysterious searcher did visit our blog, but stayed for a mere 0 seconds. There did seem to be a trend though as there were 6 searches out of 50 related to "massages." We stopped looking as it was giving us a deeper insight into the web we were not interested in knowing.

1 comment:

Richard said...

Quit Mocking Me!

You know I check this site 17 times a day, and I know that your little "Patience" barb is a deliberate attempt to disparage my fealty. I Need My OZ! You Gotta Gimme My OZ!!