Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This weekend we are planning on attending a gathering of Ex-Patriots, Americans and their families who are residing in Darwin. Apparently there are about 30 or so. It is a pot-luck lunch, and we were asked to bring Americana fair. Some people are bringing "chili cheese dogs" and

"marshmallow" salads. David suggested Jenni get her mom's recipe for Special K Loaf (it is good and definitely screams America!), but we haven't quite settled on a dish yet.

Any suggestions?

By the way, David changed it so you don't have to login to make comments, but can post anonymously. This should make it easier to comment without having to sign up.

We happened to be walking home last night and caught sight of Basil chasing something in the yard (we were only gone for 15 minutes). We have been trying to discourage him from chasing little tree frogs, but it wasn't working. This turned out not to be a tree frog, but a Cane Toad! Cane Toads will release toxins if under stress, and pets are more often than not killed. So luckily we got Basil away before anything bad happened. Its strange that we didn't see a single frog during the wet season, but have seen several during the dry season...

Here is a photo. It passed on last night at the hands (or more accurately, feet) of our neighbor, but will live on in blog-infamy.

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