Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fogg Dam

Yesterday we decided to forgo the usual routine of get up and work on the weekend in favor of getting out and doing something. We headed out east along the Arnhem Highway, originally intending to go to Mary River park and Fogg Dam. We ended up spending most of our time at Fogg Dam. This place was about ten times better than the Territory Wildlife park. There was about 80% of the same wildlife, only they weren't in cages and actually be able to live their lives...not to mention there were also those creepy giant spiders. This time we were in a cage in the form of an observation tower, able to observe the animals out our leisure. Although the territory Wildlife park's nocturnal exhibit is probably worth the visit, the fact that Fogg Dam is free was nice too. Jenni could tell David enjoyed himself by the constant stopping and taking pictures, even when covered by 20 mosquitoes. We'll try and limit the number, but here are a few.

Wetlands, hard to tell, but this was really hazy because of bush fires. Pieces of ash were falling from the sky too.

More Wetlands.

Some Local Flora.

Water Lilies.

Not sure what type of bird this is, but it looks like a stork.

A giant Jabiru.

This is probably a kestrel.

Wish this one would have come out better, but it is carrying a small branch, then went back to its nest. There were two in the area, so probably a pair.

Our first territory croc! The signs said there were estuarine crocodiles, so this is most likely an estuarine (saltwater) croc.

Catchin' a few rays.

Just a detail of the previous photo.

You can check out these Photos on a Map...
Last few weeks we've been having to endure the sound of jets flying overhead. Apparently it has to do with war games, and involves countries from around the world. David prefers to just blame it on the French.

Here is some more information on it.

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