Monday, June 16, 2008


We went for a walk yesterday along the Nightcliff foreshore area. It was a pleasant walk despite the heat. The water has slowly been changing from the muddy brown of the wet season to the azure color of the dry.

On our way we decided to go to the university and watch our friend Chris play cricket in a local league game. They happened to be a player short, and the fill-in was running late, so Chris asked David to play a few overs till the other guy got there. We now take you on the pitch for some play by play action.

"Ok David, go to Fine Leg."
Blank Stare.
"You don't know what that means do you?"
"Just go over there. No to your other right. A little more. A little more. A little more. A little more. Good enough. Just walk in when the bowler starts."

The bowler goes in, the batsmen doesn't take the chance and nothing happens.

So far so good, nothing to worry about.


What? Oh you're throwing the ball around to everyone. Oh! You're throwing it to me. Please don't let it hit me in the face. Please don't let it hit me in the face.

Nothing too exciting happens with the next bowls, and then they switch sides of the pitch, and now the batsman is facing David. Crack! A ground ball comes rushing towards David.

Crap! Ok. Remember your training, this is what all those years of little league have been for. Choke up on the bat! Wait that doesn't help. When did that ever help! Focus! Get in front of it, and just scoop it up!. Whooooosh! Right between the legs. Where'd it go? Oh yeah, I don't have a baseball mit on.

"Um, David, next time drop to your knee."

Luckily, later, there was next time. A very light ground bowl, barely missed by the bowler. David, seeking to redeem himself, over zealously charged the ball, sliding down to one knee he scooped it up. It helped that the ball was rolling slowly and had nearly come to a stop by the time David got there. Triumphantly standing up, he looked for someone to tag out, but by then everyone was returning to their field positions.

Luckily no one on the other team yelled out - "Hit it to the bloke in the red shirt!" David didn't have the team colors of black and white on, having just shown up on a lark.

All and all an exciting 10 minutes. They managed to complete the game without David's assistance, as the fill-in had arrived shortly after David started.

Our friend Chris (of Chris, Fiona, and Clare) in kung-fu action figure mode.

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